Plastic Surgery

The State of the Art in laser technology for liposculpture and reconstructive surgery.

Advantages of the technique using the 1210nm DMC laser for plastic and reconstructive surgeries:

– Innovative technique with the use of laser for adipose tissue extraction, preserving adipocytes and stem cells of the collected tissue;
– No infiltration curettage;
– Immediate use of the collected tissue, without processing or need for enzymes;
– Laser working temperature below body temperature;
– No burns or fibrosis;
– Rapid recovery to patient’s work activities;
– Skin retraction and reduction of flaccidity;
– Graft free of connective tissues and lumps;
– Feasibility for composite graft, destined to the possible skin regeneration, subcutaneous tissue, cartilage, and mucous membranes.

Illustrative images.

Equipment and accessories regulated and registered at ANVISA: 80030810129 / 80030810173

Wavelength – 1210nm

Plastic Surgery

Body Contour

Abdomen and thigh